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A warm welcome to M. Parker & Sons, builders of high quality traditional homes.

This company has been involved in the building industry for over 100 years. They have always been associated with the highest possible standards of building, using the best available materials, modern equipment, and up to date techniques.

The head of today’s company Mr Michael Parker is a man of vast experience, flair and imagination. He is a highly perceptive innovator and a man who moves with the times. With his three sons they are totally committed to their standards and very high reputation in the industry.

The work force are a highly motivated group imbued with the same work ethos as the heads of the company and they share the same pride in the finished product.

Most of them have worked for the company for many years which has created stability and consistency throughout.

Built mainly in very attractive rural areas, all within easy reach of larger towns, Parker Homes are in very high demand from all parts of the country, subsequent re-sale prices of Parker Homes invariably attract the highest of all selling prices.

For a peaceful lifestyle with absolute peace of mind, please allow us to send you details of our current projects.

This highly respected National award winning company can also undertake construction on a much larger scale and their reputation has recently taken them abroad with building of homes in Tenerife.

They remain however a family company with their roots firmly embedded in the building of homes for everyone.

If we can help you in any way by building your dream home then please contact us.

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